Aluminum Framing System

Within the industry we have developed projects throughout the years that are of the best quality, variety, value and flexibility. Future Shock offers cost-efficient versatile systems with clean lines and first-class performance. Our jobs can be extended beyond simple frames and bases to complete multi-functional structures.

Flush Front Systems feature screw race joinery and panel-type installation. Injection-molded water deflectors at intermediate horizontals and a continuous sill gutter with factory pre-punched weep slots ensure control of any infiltrated water.

Long Island aluminum framing systems feature parts to manufacture machine frames, jigs and other industrial items. Most New York aluminum framing systems assemble framing components that are molded into profiles. Selecting the correct aluminum framing system requires attention to product specifications and supplier reliability.

About Aluminum

Low density and resistance of corrosion is what characterizes aluminum. The metal is essential for the aerospace industry and widely chosen for engineering structures when lightweight material and corrosion resistance is necessary. The material is also efficient for re-use. 90% of the energy to produce new aluminum is saved when the metal is recycled.

Aside from steel, aluminum is the most commonly used metal in structural construction. It also has a high rating for recycling, as the process requires only 5% of the energy for producing it from ore. Because the substance is lightweight yet strong and corrodes less easily than steel, the metal is almost always used in aircraft. It is also used in New York framing systems by Future Shock. In recent years, automobile manufacturers have been experimenting more with aluminum for the auto body.