HERCULITE Framing System

We deliver HERCULITE® tempered glass entrance door systems complete with all the hardware ready for installation. Future Shock can accommodate various types of hardware and glass to the HERCULITE® system:

  • Tubular Panic Device all In-House manufactured
  • Standard or custom pulls
  • Floor closers or overhead closers
  • Glass pivot door systems
  • Glass sliding door systems
  • OHCC installed in headers
  • Custom rail heights are available
  • Center Lock & Strike Housings
  • Patch fittings

Glass Panic System Hardware

Many HERCULITE® handles, door device style configurations include a narrow full frame entrance and custom applications that are available. Choose from a wide range of contemporary HERCULITE® exterior pulls and adaptable hardware, custom TVS headers, components and electric strikes that can also be utilized with our glass panic door devices which also work in conjunction with a remote key less application. Our panic systems can be assembled on wood and aluminum doors as well. Future Shocks glass door panic systems are of the highest quality fitting component system hardware and finishes. We offer numerous varieties such as:

  • Standard and Custom Door Handle Configurations
  • Dummy Handles and Deadbolt systems
  • Secure Cylinder and Key Housings
  • All Glass, Full Rail and Custom Mounting
  • Door Stop and Strike Bracket
  • Custom Finishes Available
  • Electric Strike Controls
  • HERCULITE® Panic Devices

Spider fittings and Stabilizer Glass Fins:

We will engineer and design your structure to meet your project requirements and specifications. When Fins are used they must always be mechanically fastened to adequately support your structure. Glass fin technology can be used for many types of structures such as entrances, storefronts, curtain walls, decorative features, balconies, elevated floors, roofs, and skylights. Glass fin assemblies can be used on the interior, exterior, or the envelope of a building. With this method glass main plate panels form the plane of the wall and are stabilized with vertical glass fins eliminating the need for metal mullions. In contrast to more typical descriptive specifications, this section is a performance type emphasizing the critical factor of design and engineering. It provides a convenient format that can be edited to reflect the unique glass structure envisioned by an architect and ensure that it is correctly engineered, carefully detailed, accurately fabricated and properly installed.

Herculite® is a registered trademark of Vitro, S.A.B. de C.V. and Vitro